Kim Kardashian’s Fans Don’t Like Her New Hair Color: ‘Ew!’

Kim Kardashian New Hair Color

Kim Kardashian’s Fans Don’t Like Her New Hair Color: ‘Ew!’
Kim Kardashian didn’t stick to her dark, natural hair for long, as the 42-year-old Skkn by Kim founder has just debuted a brand new hair color. And it’s definitely taken her fans by surprise!

The Skims founder appeared on hair stylist Chris Appleton’s Instagram grid on February 17th, posing with him while showing off her shocking new hair color: an unexpected shade of green!
While some people go green by accident while trying to change hair colors, we have a feeling that the mom-of-four’s hue was nothing but intentional. It also must be pointed out that Kim’s luscious, long, silky, poker straight mane isn’t as permanent as fans initially thought, as it is in fact a wig, as discussed by her fans in the comments section when they raised concern over the condition of her natural hair. “How does she still have hair?” one fan asked, to which someone replied, “Guys it’s a wig.”
The internet may be divided when it comes to whether they prefer Kim with platinum blonde hair, which she rocked for around six months last year, or her darker, natural hair color; but social media was almost unanimous with its disapproval over the green; wig or not! “Is it supposed to be slightly green?” pondered one fan. “Is the wig supposed to be urine green?” asked another.


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