“Knows My Weaknesses Better Than Anyone” – Even Venus Williams Was Unable to Capitalize on Serena Williams’ Flaws

Serena Williams and Venus Williams’ companionship and rivalry have always gone hand-in-hand. The iconic tennis duo is notably one of the key players to have a celebrated status as such.

The acclaimed Williams sisters have never disappointed the tennis world and its fans. Their exuberant performances have left critics and spectators startled. The younger sibling of the Williams sisters, Serena Williams, was a force to be reckoned with during her time on the WTA Tour.

Most of the professionals competing in the circuit never knew what to expect when having a face-off against Serena. But, according to the American, her elder sister Venus Williams always knew a great deal about her weaknesses owing to the extended period they spent with one another.

Serena Williams, in 2014, successfully paved her way through the US Open semi-final round. At the time, the tennis legend was preparing to bag her 4th consecutive title and rewrite history since Steffi Graff’s 1998 record. And, her opponent in the championships’ final four was none other than her sister Venus Williams.

For a layman, Venus blocking the-now 23-time Grand Slam champion’s way to glory would potentially result in upsetting the duo’s bond. However, that wasn’t the case. During a press conference with Serena Williams, she highlighted how she held her elder sister in the highest regard and cited she “would rather lose” to her than anyone else.

“She’s a player that knows how to win, knows how to beat me, and knows my weaknesses better than anyone. I would rather lose to Venus as opposed to anyone else,” spoke Serena Williams.

Venus Williams never settled scores with her sister Serena Williams
Venus Williams and Serena Williams have always shared an intriguing and loving bond. Despite having faced one another numerous times, the pair has never witnessed the need for reconciliation regardless of the outcome.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the elder Williams sister stated that neither of them holds a grudge after playing a match and has always been supportive of each other. Furthermore, she also added by saying that everything goes back to the way it was once they leave the tennis court and have never felt the need to do any silly traditions to settle after-match scores.

“When we play against each other, we always raise each other’s game. If the tournament isn’t over, it’s the other sister’s job to root the other one on,” said Venus.

Serena Williams “evolved away” from the sport in 2022 in hopes of moving on to better things in life and prioritizing her family. However, her elder sister Venus Williams to date remains an active WTA professional. She is anticipated to make a return later this season after recovering from a hamstring injury.


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