LOOK: Bears’ fan wears unusual Patrick Mahomes jersey before SNF vs. Chiefs

There have been some absurd customized jerseys worn by NFL fans this season. None come close to what a Chicago Bears fan slipped on before his favorite team’s Sunday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

A fan was spotted wearing a Bears’ jersey with Patrick Mahomes’ name and jersey number on it. Yes, he ordered a customized jersey for his favorite team with the name of the opposing team’s quarterback on it.

The only thing that would have been weirder than this is if it was an Aaron Rodgers’ Bears jersey. Given how long this fan base has desired a franchise quarterback, we wouldn’t rule it out happening in the future.

Perhaps the fan is dreaming of a day when Mahomes could be Chicago’s quarterback. Something tells us that isn’t going to happen, so now he’ll just be the target of his fellow fans during Sunday’s game.


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