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Look what you made me do: Swifties try Taylor’s 44-song treadmill workout

Hours after reading about Taylor’s Swift’s intense training regimen for her concert tour, Kendal Owen was at her gym, singing on the treadmill, running through the Eras Tour set list.

Swift’s now-famous workout consists of belting her more than 40-song set while running and walking on a treadmill. It takes more than three hours to complete.

It blew my mind,” Owen, 25, told The Washington Post from her home in Jacksonville, Fla. “The gym was my own version of Madison Square Garden.”

It didn’t matter to her that an older man on a treadmill next to her could hear her vocals. For as long as she could — roughly four miles — she ran and sang, and couldn’t help herself from performing some of Swift’s signature moves, especially for songs on the “Reputation album” set. It was a blast.

In the days and weeks since Swift gave the details of her preconcert training to Time Magazine, countless Swifties have tried to re-create it on their own. And then they have posted about it on social media, accruing millions of views and shares.

I tried it too, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I’m a runner and in pretty good shape — in October I ran the Chicago Marathon in 3 hours and 28 minutes — and yet I was winded after the first song. I did about 20 minutes and realized I was never, ever going to finish this workout.

But I also couldn’t help myself from jamming out, feeling somewhere between being embarrassed to be singing in my office gym, and getting caught up in the fervor of a Swift-fueled runner’s high.



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