“Mark of an Extraordinary Woman” Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Randi Shares a Heartfelt Message Mourning the Loss of Her Mother

It was an extreme shock for Patrick Mahomes and his entire family to assimilate the departure of Debbie Bates a couple of weeks ago. Patrick’s mother, Randi Mahomes, was very close to her, and this news nearly devastated her. She has been constantly sharing updates on social media, with fans extending their support.

Apart from Mahomes’ Super Bowl win, this year hasn’t been quite appreciative for the family. Jackson Mahomes recently indulged in s*xual misconduct, which became a hot topic of discussion. Neither the quarterback nor the Mahomes clan addressed this issue. And suddenly, Bates’ death added more worries to this sad situation.

Randi Mahomes shares a heartwarming post
Debbie Bates was an absolute charm and a fine lady. She defied the age barrier and constantly remained a source of inspiration for the entire family. Moreover, Bates was an avid football follower and a super fan of her grandson, Patrick Mahomes.


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