Mattress Mack, Who Lost $2 Million Betting Against Patrick Mahomes, Reminds the Chiefs QB About the Financial Burden He Inflicted Upon Him

Patrick Mahomes, the poster boy of the league, has been nothing short of sensational in his short but super-successful stint in the NFL thus far. After starting off at the biggest stage in 2017, Mahomes changed his unit’s fortunes in super quick time and guided them to a Super Bowl victory during the 2019 season. While Kansas City fans were over the moon after the championship win, Mattress Mack was among those who had no option but to mourn Patrick’s victory.

As it turns out, Mattress Mack, who is known for putting outrageously humungous bets on marquee sports event, had reportedly lost $1 Million after betting against Mahomes’ Chiefs during the 2019 season’s divisional round playoff clash. Even after trailing by 24-0 at one point in the contest, Patrick’s men succeeded in annihilating the Texans. To make matters worse, ‘Mattress Mack’ ended up losing yet another massive bet in the very next Chiefs game.

Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs hasn’t been a lucky team for Mattress Mack
Although ‘Mattress Mack’ has won some major bets in the past, his record when it comes to putting money against the Chiefs hasn’t been that good. After losing a million dollars in the Divisional Round game, Mack decided to put yet another million against Chiefs in the Conference Championship game.

Contrary to Mattress Mack’s prediction, Mahomes’ men thrashed the Titans 35-24 to register yet another playoff win and the business magnate was left fuming once again. Most recently, Patrick and Mattress Mack, whose real name is Jim McIngvale, met at the Kentucky Derby and as expected, they did end up striking a conversation about those two lost bets of the 2019 season.

“You cost me millions betting against you,” Mack jokingly told Mahomes who responded with a smile and a sincere apology. “I appreciate it. Sorry about that one,” the KC quarterback stated. “You gotta be with me next time,” the current Super Bowl champion further claimed.

Mattress Mack, aka Jim McIngvale, once won $75 million by betting in favor of Houston Astros
While Mack did suffer a massive loss betting against the Chiefs during the 2019 season, things changed drastically for him in the very next season. Mack had wagered a whopping $3.46 million against Kansas City in the 2020 season’s Super Bowl clash. As we all know, the Chiefs ended up losing that contest and as a result, Jim took home $2.75 million in profits.

However, all these bets seem considerably small, looking at the amount of money the business mogul took him by betting for the Astros. The notorious businessman had won $75 million by betting in favor of the Astros to win the 2022 World Series. It won’t be a surprise if we see more such outrageous bets from Mattress Mack in the near future.


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