Meet the Nashville tailor who dressed Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — After winning the Super Bowl, it’s best to dress the part. That’s why Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has his go-to tailor in Nashville.

Stephen Richards is the owner of Richard Bespoke.

Richards was introduced to Mahomes a few years ago when he made Mahomes’ suit for the NFL Awards.

Then, last summer, Mahomes and Richards got together to plan Mahomes’ wardrobe for the entire season.

Richards said that it’s fun watching Mahomes evolve from where he started.

“It’s a lot of fun. Ever since we started working with him, which was around his rookie year. It’s fun to see his wardrobe evolve and what he was interested in a few years ago, to what he’s wearing now… it is pretty cool,” Richards said.

But for the Super Bowl suit — and the game itself — Richards flew to Phoenix on Friday himself.

“I was a little bit more extra cautious… carried it on the plane with me. I tried to leave it in the seat with me, but they made me put it overhead. I didn’t want to say who it was for — I actually had someone stop me in the airport who follows us on Instagram and said, ‘are you going to Phoenix?’ And they said, ‘is that Patrick’s suit?’ …It is, but I don’t think you should know that!” Richards said.

Richards told us he’s a Titans fan through and through, but he’s become a Chiefs fan too.


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