Meghan Markle and Harry blasted for latest ‘rude’ behaviour to Royal Family Play Video GB News

Harry and Meghan are acting like they are characters in a soap opera with their behaviour ahead of the King’s coronation, an expert has claimed.

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo said the pair think they are in Coronation Street and blasted them for turning things into a soap opera.

Invitations for the Coronation were sent out earlier this year, with guests asked to confirm their attend cane by the start of last week.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have left Buckingham Palace in the dark about their intentions.

“I think the King wants to basically be seen to be always open, you know, wishing for his prodigal son to return. You know, he is the head of the head of the Church of England and nothing could be more Christian than to always have a door open.

“But this really does just deflect so much from what should be an occasion for building national unity, building a sense of social cohesion through street parties and so forth.

“And yet, rather than focusing on what it means to be British and the important role of the coronation in our constitution, we’re instead being distracted by these tedious sort of typical title tattle stories.”


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