Meghan Markle: ‘I won’t curtsey to Queen Camilla’

Meghan Markle s way to declare war on Camilla is


Why Harry and Meghan are struggling to accept Queen Camilla

They humbly shed their royal titles two years ago, but when it comes to showing humility or respect towards the royal family, it’s no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan sometimes miss the mark.In fact, the Queen is probably the only one who they’re willing to defer to. So, imagine the couple’s shock last week when Her Majesty said, in a historic announcement to mark her Platinum Jubilee, that Camilla would be made Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes King, putting paid to years of uncertainty on the issue. The Queen’s announcement was welcomed, with Charles in particular taking the opportunity to publicly thank his mother, saying in a statement that he was “touched and honoured” by her gesture and that he was also “deeply conscious of the honour”.



But while Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated the news by reposting the Queen’s message to Instagram, Harry and Meghan stayed silent. And it’s not surprising, considering Harry has a famously “fraught relationship” with his stepmother, and is reportedly shedding more light on their tricky dynamic in his upcoming memoir.According to insiders, Harry and Meghan are reeling from the news – especially because they know that Camilla in particular is not impressed by the way they’ve slammed the royals over the past year. As a result, they’re feeling more estranged from the family than ever, which is doing nothing to aid any hope of a reconciliation ahead of the Queen’s big Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.



Meghan Markle was called 'that minx' by Prince Charles' wife Camilla

“There’s a feeling of bad blood that goes both ways,” says an insider close to Meghan, 40, and Harry, 37, who, despite losing their HRH titles and stepping away from royal duties, have continued to sell themselves as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As much as they claim otherwise, it’s clear that titles still matter to them.


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