Meghan Markle ‘Rebranding Herself’ For ‘New …

Meghan Markle 'Rebranding Herself'


Meghan Markle is “rebranding” to be more about “the Meghan she was” before marrying Prince Harry and joining the royal family, a royal commentator has suggested.During the Thursday episode of their podcast “Royally Obsessed,” co-hosts and royal commentators Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed the Duchess of Sussex’s recent TV appearance and how it appeared to signal a “new chapter” in her life.



Markle recently showed off her comedic side during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where the duchess participated in a prank segment that had her doing random squats out in public and addressing herself as “Mommy,” among other hilarious stunts.Fiorito suggested that Markle seemed to have cut back on royal references and homages to prove that she’s no longer tethered to royal protocol.



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“Meghan on ‘Ellen,’ on the prank section, there wasn’t really a royal reference made, besides her name,” the royal commentator said. “I felt that was a choice, where Meghan is moving on from that and she doesn’t always have to be serious.”Fiorito added that what she found most interesting was Markle showing a different side of herself on the talk show.



Bowie also pointed out that Markle focused on her “pre-royal life” for the most part during her sit-down interview with host Ellen DeGeneres.”That feels like a new chapter for her. It feels like she is rebranding herself to be more about Meghan, the person she was before Harry. It’s definitely a choice she has made,” Bowie told her co-host. “She talked about things she wasn’t able to talk about in her royal life. She is definitely going to show more of herself going forward.”
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The podcast co-hosts also said that Markle’s recent appearance was “eye-opening” for many viewers and was “such a departure” from her bombshell March interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the duchess and Prince Harry discussed their struggles before they stepped back as working royals last year.



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During her interview with DeGeneres earlier this month, Markle reminisced about going on auditions when she worked as an actress before meeting Prince Harry, as well as talked about the old Ford Explorer Sport she used to drive.The former “Suits” star explained that the key on the driver’s side door wouldn’t work, so she had to climb in and out via the trunk.



The duchess, who wore a cream top with voluminous sleeves and cutouts paired with black pants during her appearance, had her longtime friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin and hairstylist Jason Low with her at the time.”We were backstage the entire time,” Martin told People. “It’s really fun and Ellen really pulled out Meghan’s goofy, funny side, which everyone will be able to finally see.”
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Meanwhile, Anna Pasternak, author of “The American Duchess: The Real Wallis Simpson,” felt that Markle capitalized on her title for popularity. She also claimed that the mother of two’s behavior on “Ellen” was “the opposite of dignified.”


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“In Meghan Markle’s preeningly self-satisfied appearance on ‘Ellen,’ she embarrassed the royal family and she embarrassed herself. She may have rejected the British monarchy yet still she seeks to capitalize on her title, being described on-screen as Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Presumably, this is to boost her popularity in North America,” Pasternak told Fox News.


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