Meghan Markle shared ‘terrifying’ realities of life as a royal

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Meghan Markle shared ‘telling realities’ of life as a royal to close pal.Meghan Markle reportedly ended up telling one of her closest pals the harsh and sometimes terrifying realities of what it means to be a royal.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story spanned countries for five months, and during that time they not only kept the relationship a secret from everyone, but they’d also fly coast to coast in a bid to squeeze in as many moments as possible.



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By the time it came to make their relationship public, the duo was left with barely hours to prepare and the realizations of what it would entail were lost on the Duchess.



According to Finding Freedom authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, “One night late in October in Toronto, Harry was happy, and so was Meghan. Until their received a call from one of Harry’s aides at Kensington Palace. It wasn’t good news.”

“A tabloid was going to run with the story of their relationship. Their main worry was that her place would be besieged by photographers within 24 hours.”


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“They had little time to think because there was only a couple of paparazzi in Toronto but it wouldn’t be long before photographers flew in from New York and LA, all hoping to get that first picture of the happy couple.”



The writers also went on to admit,””Prior to meeting Harry, the only times she experiences cameras were on a set or on a red carpet.”

“The security was necessary. Shortly after the news broke, a photographer from an LA-based photo agency had scaled the fence into her back garden and waited for Meghan by her car, hoping to get a picture before she headed out to run errands.”



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“Meghan was terrified and called the police. ‘This is how it’s always going to be, isn’t it?’, she said to a friend” at the time.


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