This Suits actor shared Meghan Markle’s unexpected reaction to HIS n*de performance

Meghan Markle unexpected reaction


This Suits actor shared Meghan Markle’s unexpected reaction to his nude performance.Meghan Markle might be better known now as the Duchess of Sussex, but her previous career as an actress saw her starring on screen in Netflix series Suits.Appearing as Rachel Zane, Meghan featured in the legal drama for seven seasons, acting opposite her fictional love interest, Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams.



Patrick has previously spoken out to share the transformative life advice Meghan once gave him. And now, he’s been discussing the Duchess once again – though this time the topic is slightly more unexpected, with the actor revealing Meghan’s reaction to one of his nude performances.



Meghan Markle's unexpected reaction

Discussing his upcoming Broadway debut in a Take Me Out revival, Patrick told Entertainment Tonight that the show will see him starring in nude scenes, prompting the actor to bring up Meghan’s past reaction to one of his naked moments.Recalling the first time he got naked on stage in an LA stage production of 9 Circles, Patrick revealed, “She [Meghan] certainly was at the play where I was naked and she had a good time making fun of me after,” jokingly adding, “So, maybe she’d like a repeat performance.”



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He went on to say that he’d be extending an invitation for Meghan to come and watch the new play, saying, “I would love for Meghan to come and enjoy the show. I’ll send her an invite for sure.”Will we be seeing a Meghan and Patrick reunion any time soon?Gushing about his former co-star earlier this month, Patrick told Extra, he “would kill to work with [her] again”.

He also added that she’s super determined and a major talent, saying, “She’s a huge talent and more than anything she’s the most motivated, driven human being I’ve ever met in my life. I’m very excited to see what she does.”


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