Meghan Markle’s famed ‘attacks’ transforming into a ‘conspiracy’

Meghan Markle Rejected Kate Middleton’s Attempts to Reach Out to Her Following Lilibet’s Birth


Experts warn the abuse Meghan Markle’s suffered its turning into more of a conspiracy theory.Experts believe the abuse Meghan Markle suffered has turned into more a conspiracy theory in a bid to discredit its aftereffects. This claim comes as Bot Sentinel reports Meghan Markle suffered as part of a target of a £2.8million “hate-for-profit enterprise”.



According to its founder Christopher Bouzy, despite being abused “across the board” the narrative has shifted into more of a conspiracy. He believes, “In the beginning it was more her trying to change the royal family and how she is a gold digger and trying to do this and a narcissist.”



Meghan to receive £1 in damages after privacy case

“But when they left for the US it went to ‘oh she is taking him away from the family’ ‘he is abandoning the family’ over time it’s just morphed. In the beginning, it was about Megzit ‘we want her to go’.”


Prince Harry put himself through excruciating pain for Meghan Markle

“Well she is gone now and these accounts, they are still attacking her, they are still going after her so the motivation in the beginning was more or less about attacking her for coming in as an outsider, coming in as an American, and disrupting the Royal Family. Now the narrative is just complete conspiracy theories and just a complete load of nonsense at this point.”


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