“Now What Haters”: As Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Show Off Their Luxurious Wedding Location, Fans Call Out to Critics

Currently in Cabo, Mexico for his destination wedding with Simone Biles, Jonathan Owens is on top of the world. After Biles shared the wedding location on Instagram, the NFL star gave fans an amazing glimpse of his and Biles’s welcome party in Mexico. Owens showcased a short video clip of some of the most magical moments of this welcome party on Instagram. Responding to this recent social media post, many fans warned haters to stay away.

This party, on the occasion of Cinco De Drinko, was held at the beach, where the gymnastics legend and Owens had a blast with family and friends. Exhibiting the fireworks show, dancing at the party, and kissing Biles, Owens showed fans how he was over the moon. While many fans congratulated him, some fans also gave a strong response to haters. But why did fans respond to haters on this joyous occasion?

Earlier, the star gymnast had received criticism for her hairstyle at her courthouse wedding. The star gymnast had tied her hair in a pony which apparently didn’t appeal to many fans. A critic on Twitter also called her “a mess.” Responding to these critics, Biles commented, “They can keep complaining idc idc idc.” Further, she said that critics didn’t realize that she stayed in Houston and it was hot when she stepped outside with Owens to click pictures. After this, many fans also defended Biles on social media.

Not only this, but Owens had also received criticism for his hairstyle when he shared pictures of his courthouse wedding on Instagram. A fan had commented, “Tell him to get an adult haircut!” Wary of such critics, fans warned haters while congratulating Owens, reacting to his recent Instagram post.


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