“Our guest book arrived & it’s so cute” Simone Biles

The 26-year-old seized the moment to shed light on an intriguing aspect ahead of her big day. “Can I bring a plus one?” the question in the Instagram story read. As a response to this, a clip of the woman marked as “Bride” saying, “Absolutely not…why would you ask me that question” was compiled. Presented satirically, the video evidently, hit Biles’s sense of humor. She subtly expressed her views with five laughing emojis.

The primary post’s caption elucidated an elaborate description of the situation. “If they’re not on the invite or RSVP they’re not invited!” it stated. Moreover, it also pointed out that such requests simply put the couple in an “uncomfortable position.” A wedding might seem seamless and dreamy, but a lot of effort and expenses go into making it a success. Moreover, the matter is concerning when the ceremony is a destination one, as is the case for Biles. “Be respectful and grateful for the invite. And if you don’t like it respectfully decline,” the note concluded.

The gymnastics icon has been overwhelming fans with her wedding updates, from the final dress fittings to flying off for an exciting bachelorette in Belize. However, speaking of guests, the star athlete also gave glimpses of her Guest Book earlier this month. It was a grey book titled with bold golden words, “THE OWENS 2023.” She chipped in a caption that read, “Our guest book arrived & it’s so cute. We opted for a polaroid book – so guests can take a picture and write a note.” Wonder if it’ll have any space for a plus one.


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