Paige Spiranac expressed her feelings on proposed golf changes clear

Paige Spiranac is not impressed. The golf influencer has built up a huge following online in recent months and years, and her voice now caries serious weight with fans who tune in to see and hear her every word.

The beauty has again been talking about the weird rules in golf that prevent male competitors from wearing shorts, for whatever reason, and linking it to other rules that she’s not a fan of.
Golf is weird. Let’s not have the guys on tour wear shorts but instead make the golf ball go shorter,” Paige said on Twitter.
??The PGA Tour claim that their desire to have players look “professional” is the reason behind their decision to insist that long pants are worn by men.

There is now a move to make golf balls travel shorter, which will affect the scores of events.??The issue of shorts has been spoken of a lot in recent months and it may well change down the line. For now, though, Paige will remain unhappy and confused by golf’s organisers.


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