Patrick Mahomes continues to grow as a professional while becoming more humble

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is evolving as an NFL professional while becoming more humble, an impressive feat to accomplish for a young superstar.

Mahomes, 27, has the potential to become the greatest quarterback of all time, even surpassing Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

Brady, 45, has refused to pass the torch, but last weekend was just a glimpse of how Mahomes’ dominance is just getting started.

Kansas City defeated Tampa Bay 41-31 at Raymond James Stadium, a misleading score because the game was never close.

Chiefs controlled the entire contest, forcing a fumble on the opening kick to set up Mahomes near the end zone on his first drive.

Mahomes and company will continue evolving as he grows, but the Chiefs are a dynasty in the making.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is the brain behind the explosive offense that always has something up its sleeve in the red zone, but without Mahomes, he would not be able to execute.

Mahomes has improved his presence in the pocket over the years and is starting to perfect his release.

He is a magician, though, so he’ll never be Brady, a style that so many NFL fans have grown to love and are usually those who criticize Mahomes.

Against the Bucs, Mahomes dropped a highlight pass into the end zone after spinning a defender off him, the epitome of his playstyle.

Patrick Mahomes is the nicest guy ever, but still fierce
Despite early success in his five-year career, one Super Bowl ring in two attempts, Mahomes remains humble as ever.

Earlier this week, Mahomes invited actor Henry Winkler — best known for his role as the Fonz on Happy Days — to sit with his family at SoFi Stadium when the Chiefs visit the Los Angeles Chargers next month.

Over the summer, Winkler had professed his fandom of Mahomes on the Rich Eisen show.

Earlier this week, Eisen played the clip for Mahomes, who invited Winkler to his game against the Chargers in the nicest way ever.

Don’t mistake his kindness for weakness, Mahomes is fierce when he needs to be without letting emotions get the better of him.


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