Patrick Mahomes Gets One Step Closer to His Aim of Opening 30 Outlets Of $4,500,000,000 Worth Whataburger Throughout Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is proving his business acumen extends beyond the football field. With a keen eye for investment opportunities, Mahomes is delving into a venture that holds deep significance for the people of Kansas City. His latest endeavor involves bringing the beloved Whataburger franchise to the city, a move that reflects both his financial acumen and his commitment to the local community. His ambitious plan envisions the opening of 30 Whataburger outlets, further solidifying his status as a savvy entrepreneur.

Whataburger is a beloved Texas-based fast-food chain worth a staggering $4,500,000,000. The fast-food chain has been winning hearts with its delicious burgers and irresistible fries. It’s no wonder that this partnership with Mahomes, the Super Bowl MVP, is creating quite the buzz. The recent opening of a new Whataburger outlet in the Kansas City area, near Liberty, is just one step closer to Mahomes’ grand vision of transforming the culinary landscape of Kansas City with a total of 30 Whataburger locations.
Touchdown for Patrick Mahomes: New Whataburger Outlet Opens in Kansas City
Investment in Whataburger is proving to be a touchdown for Patrick Mahomes. The franchise has recently announced the opening of a brand-new outlet near Liberty, Kansas City. The new location is set to offer 24/7 drive-thru service initially with more options like dining room access, curbside pickup, online ordering, and delivery coming soon.

This Northland location is at the intersection of Highway 152 and N. Booth Avenue. Mahomes’ influence is apparent with the franchise choosing to offer a Chiefs game day jersey and a plaque honoring his iconic jersey number, 15. This marks the 12th Whataburger in the Kansas City area, with several other locations in the pipeline for 2023, including spots at I-435 and Bannister Road in Kansas City, Missouri, and 14123 W. 135th St. in Olathe, Kansas, among others.

As Mahomes continues to shine both on and off the field, his vision of bringing the delicious taste of Whataburger to specific locations in Kansas City is getting closer to becoming a reality, and fans are eagerly lining up for a bite of the action.

Whataburger and Patrick Mahomes: A Perfect Match for Kansas City
Patrick Mahomes is not just a football superstar, but he’s also a passionate advocate for the flavors of his Texan upbringing. The Whataburger empire, a beloved fast-food chain hailing from the heart of Texas, has found a special place in Mahomes’ heart. It’s no surprise that he’s eager to bring that delicious taste to his new home in Kansas City.

Mahomes, hailing from the Lone Star State, has always been proud of his Texas roots, and Whataburger is a crucial part of that pride. Mahomes said at the time, As per Houston Chronicle, “I’m glad to see Kansas City, embrace it just like we do down in Texas”.

For Mahomes, Whataburger isn’t just a chain; it’s a cherished part of his upbringing. As he shared with NBC Sports, “Obviously, being from Texas, you have a lot of Texas pride. And Whataburger is kind of at the forefront of that”. From enjoying Whataburger as a little kid to sharing those delicious moments with his brother while his mom was working, Mahomes has a deep connection to this Texas-based food sensation.

“I’ve always ate Whataburger since I was a little kid. And then when I got older, I’d babysit my brother, and there was a Whataburger literally down the street. And we would always grab that and kind of have that while my mom was working.”

With the opening of more Whataburger outlets in Kansas City, Mahomes is bringing a taste of Texas to the heart of Missouri, and fans are rallying around him, showing their support for both the quarterback and the delectable flavors he’s introducing to the city.


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