Patrick Mahomes goes back to practice 10 days after the Super Bowl: ‘No rest for the best’

Patrick Mahomes goes back to practice 10 days after the Super Bowl: 'No rest for the best'

Some internet users pointed out Patrick Mahomes’ ankle needs to heal.

They didn’t select Patrick Mahomes as the season and Super Bowl MVP for nothing, he is hands down the best quarterback in the league right now. But no great quarterback would even think about resting too much despite having just won a Super Bowl, no great athlete ever did. This mentality is highly characteristic of only the greatest to ever do it such as Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and many more. Patrick Mahomes was just spotted in Fort Worth Texas getting ready for next season, only ten days after winning his second Super Bowl ring.

Fans were quick to point out that Patrick Mahomes needs to rest his ankle, which was extremely battered throughout the entire playoff run. But the Chiefs’ QB is not stupid, he is likely already training because the doctors probably gave him a green light to do so. Mahomes wouldn’t risk his career like that, nor would he go against indications from the Kansas City Chiefs’ medical staff. Even though it wasn’t clear what type of exercises he was doing, it’s evident Patrick Mahomes wants to be ready for next season as soon as it starts. Staying hungry means he will have to stay fit for the entire year. The image is frmo his personal trainer, Bobby Stroupe.

Mahomes has a clear goal to get as many rings as possible

This is where Patrick Mahomes’ determination becomes part of future speculation about his professional career. We all know who holds the most Super Bowl rings in history and at 27 years old, Mahomes still has at least five more to win in order to get to that point. Since tom Brady started his career, we had never seen another quarterback with an actual chance at getting anywhere close to him. Mahomes is a different story because he already played three Super Bowls in the last four years and won two of them. If he stays healthy and has a long career, he can definitely get close to Tom Brady.


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