“Patrick Mahomes Has a Chance to be the 1st Michael Jordan of Football,” Opined NFL Analyst Max Kellerman After Super Bowl LVII

Patrick Mahomes, the rising star of Kansas City, has achieved the remarkable feat of winning two Super Bowls within a mere six-year span, prompting frequent comparisons to NBA icon Michael Jordan. Notably, Max Kellerman has weighed in on this parallel, asserting his perspective on the comparison.

During the aftermath of Super Bowl LVII this past February, Max Kellerman elaborated on his stance, delving into why drawing parallels between Mahomes and Jordan holds merit and is a fitting recognition of Mahomes’ exceptional achievements.

Max Kellerman Endorses Comparisons Between Patrick Mahomes and Michael Jordan
In a thought-provoking tweet, sports commentator Max Kellerman ignited a passionate debate by drawing parallels between Patrick Mahomes and basketball legend Michael Jordan. Kellerman’s tweet emphasized the significance of labeling someone as the “Michael Jordan” of their sport, indicating that it goes beyond just being the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) and encompasses qualities like visual prowess, statistical evidence, and team success. He opined,

Kellerman went on to highlight that Patrick Mahomes fulfills these criteria and has the potential to become the first “Michael Jordan of football.” This endorsement from Kellerman underscores the widespread recognition of Mahomes’ exceptional talents and the impact he has made in the world of sports.

Reactions to Kellerman’s tweet were varied and reflective of the ongoing discourse:

One Twitter user responded, “Yes he does. Yet he also has a long way to go to reach Brady. LIPO which means let it play out. And no one touches what Jerry Rice did, anyway.”

Another fan expressed initial astonishment at the suggestion, stating, “Woe! I thought Tom was the goat.”

A counter-opinion emerged, arguing that Mahomes could never embody the GOAT status associated with Michael Jordan: “He isn’t lmao ???????? Jordans considered the goat for how many rings he won and how he won them so no oat isn’t Jordan never will be Jordan that went out the window when he lost the Superbowl to Tom Brady who is closer to Jordan than pat will ever be.”

As the debate rages on, Max Kellerman’s comparison continues to fuel discussions about the criteria for greatness, the nuances of inter-sport comparisons, and the evolving legacies of iconic athletes.

Comparing the Journeys: Michael Jordan and Patrick Mahomes
Comparing Michael Jordan and Patrick Mahomes, we see distinct sports realms with notable achievements. Jordan, a global icon, secured six NBA titles and multiple MVPs. In contrast, Mahomes boasts two Super Bowl wins and a dynamic playing style, swiftly rising to prominence.

While Mahomes’ achievements are impressive, he’s still on the path to achieving the level of greatness that Jordan reached. Jordan’s legacy is deeply intertwined with his six championship rings, a feat that places him firmly in the conversation for the greatest athlete of all time. Mahomes, with his exceptional talent and drive, appears poised to chase similar heights in the years to come.

In conclusion, while Patrick Mahomes is not yet at the same level as the legendary Michael Jordan in terms of career achievements, his trajectory suggests that he has the potential to leave an indelible mark on the world of football and follow in the footsteps of Jordan’s greatness in his respective sport.


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