Patrick Mahomes Has Sky-High Expectations For A New Target

Justyn Ross was a special talent at Clemson, but his injury woes scared multiple NFL teams away.

Ross went undrafted due to multiple injury concerns, and he’s now the first NFL player with a congenital fusion in his spine.

The Kansas City Chiefs still decided to take a gamble on him, but he wasn’t able to play during his rookie season due to a lingering foot injury.

But it seems like he’s back to full strength and ready to make an impact on the Chiefs’ new-look offense, at least according to Patrick Mahomes.

When asked about the second-year wideout, Mahomes raved about his natural talents and his work ethic, stating that he actually has to tell him to slow down and take it one day at a time:

“Yeah, I mean, the talent is through the roof,” Mahomes said. “He works his tail off. I’m like, ‘Man you’ve got to ease up a little bit.’ He wants to run like every route 100 times.”

There’s no denying that Ross could turn out to be an elite wideout at the next level if he stays healthy, but that’s a major if.

The Chiefs will need someone to step up now that JuJu Smith-Schuster has left to join the New England Patriots, so the door is wide open for him to take as many first-team snaps as he can handle.


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