Patrick Mahomes is proof that one can leave friend zone, Brittany didn’t like him

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is proof that, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to leave the friend zone. His wife, Brittany, told the story of how she didn’t like him at first because they were best friends.

The love story between Patrick and Brittany started off with a Valentine’s Day joke, as told by the mother of two during an interview with Vitatity.

“But I never liked him,” Brittany said. “We were just best friends. So then, I think his sophomore year, my junior year. yeah, he brought this little Valentine’s gift for me at lunch one day. It was like a heart like card that said Happy Valentine’s Day and like a rose or something and he just like brought it to me as a funny joke, but like I thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

“Everyone in the cafeteria started chanting like kiss her kiss her to him and I was like, Okay, this is embarrassing. From then on. I think that’s where I just kind of started getting a crush on him. And then, boom, we just fell in love.”


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