Patrick Mahomes’ Jet Endorsement Deal That Anyone Would Be Envious About

The Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the most popular athletes to have numerous sponsorships backing him. Starting from Oakleys, Hy-Vee, and State Farm Insurance, the quarterback has a private jet to travel in style with one of the biggest aerospace companies. Recently, Mahomes inked a flashy endorsement deal with his private jet company, Airshare.

The company’s CEO John Owen broke the news via the internet, saying that their partnership with Mahomes and Kansas City has reached a next-level commitment.

Their bond with Patrick Mahomes dates back to the days, even before the 26-year-old got selected as the franchise quarterback. “It’s a partnership. We’ve had even before his first full season at starting quarterback,” Airshare CEO said. “It’s migrated over the years. It started with us flying his family to all the home games,” he added.

It turns out the quarterback’s success equally benefits his family to enjoy their rides across the country. Whenever his wife or parents wish to watch Mahomes’ games, all they need is to board themselves in a luxurious Challenger 350 that can travel up to 540 mph.

Moreover, the company vows to provide services for the franchise in case of urgent meetings or transport draft picks and agents from one location to another. Not to mention, Mahomes can use their fleet for all kinds of business trips, endorsements, and personal reasons.


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