Patrick Mahomes might be in trouble with his wife over 1 comment

Mahomes spoke with the media on Monday during Super Bowl Opening Night ahead of Sunday’s big game between his Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Chiefs quarterback was asked about his Valentine’s Day plans considering the holiday is on February 14, two days after the Super Bowl.

“I didn’t even notice it was coming up. Don’t tell her I said that, but I’ll make sure I’ll have some Valentine’s Day plans now,” Mahomes said in response.

Mahomes was being a good sport with his answer and even joked about not telling his wife Brittany. Can you really blame him though? The man’s focus is on one of the biggest games of his life. He’s working round-the-clock to get his ankle healed so he can be at his best for a difficult challenge against the Eagles.

Opportunities to win the Super Bowl don’t come around very often, so Mahomes should rightfully have all his attention focused on that task before worrying about other things.

If he takes care of business on Sunday, then celebrating with his wife on Tuesday will be much easier. Surely she gives him some forgiveness given the context.


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