Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Randi Openly Expresses Love & Support For Son Jackson Who Continues to Fight S*xual Harassment Case

Jackson Mahomes turns 23, and it is not at all a “Happy Birthday” for him. As Jackson and his attorney, Brandan Davies continue to struggle to find a way to get out of this mess, they would like to get as much support as possible, at least from their family members. Doing exactly that, Jackson’s mother, Randi Martin, recently shared a heartwarming post on her Instagram, wishing her son a very happy birthday.

The beginning of 2023 has been quite terrible for Jackson, as he finds himself in a very tough situation. In fact, even his mother, Randi, has been constantly roasted for her son’s misdemeanors. However, the mother of three is still not shying away from appreciating her son. “Happy Birthday, son I love you,” Randi captioned a short video which she recently shared on Instagram.

Judge allows bond modification in Jackson Mahomes’ case
Hard times are temporary, but in the case of Jackson, they appear to follow him everywhere he goes. All thanks to his antics and unhinged attitude that often land him in trouble. His most recent scandal involves a s*xual assault which allegedly happened in February of this year. According to the reports from PEOPLE, Patrick had created a scene inside a local Kansas City bar.

Apart from shoving a waiter, Jackson forcibly kissed the 40-year-old restaurant owner, Aspen Vaughn. Viral footage of this entire incident circulated across the internet. A few days later, Vaughn slapped him with a s*xual assault case. Jackson was arrested by the officials and was taken to the Johnson County Detention Center.

After a couple of hours, he was released, signing a $100,000 security bond that had several instructions to be followed. It included clauses that restricted the accused’s ability to interact with victims and witnesses in the case. He was barred from consuming alcohol and other illegal drugs.

Recently, his attorney filed a motion asking for a change in this bond because his client wanted to meet the four witnesses involved in this case. The Johnson County judge and the prosecutor agreed upon allowing Jr. Mahomes to meet three of those four friends. However, he wasn’t granted permission to meet his fourth friend, a woman, who is a listed witness in the case.

Mahomes has always been a controversial entity
This was not the first time Jackson found himself on the wrong side. He rose to prominence with the success of his quarterback sibling and leveraged the fame to increase his social media popularity. Unable to handle this unprecedented fan following, the youngster utilized social media to berate small businesses in the city.

A while months ago, he tried crushing a local bar on the outskirts of Kansas City by giving bad reviews online. Post that, he faced the wrath of NFL fans after dancing on former Washington football player Sean Taylor’s memorial. These are just a few instances from his long list of misconducts. It will be interesting to see if he manages to get out of the ongoing case in Johnson County.


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