Patrick Mahomes’ privacy violated again, this time with a secret revealed by Chad Henne

The fame that has reached the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has generated that everyone wants to know the details that make the two-time Super Bowl MVP, the man of the moment in the NFL. For now, an intimate secret has been revealed by the person who feels closest to the Texas Tech graduate in the team’s locker room.

Chad Henne, Kansas City’s backup quarterback, spoke with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the latest episode of “The Adam Schefter Podcast” and discussed Mahomes’ unseen outfit in absolutely every game in which the two have been teammates.

What does Patrick Mahomes wear every Sunday?
“He has a baseball background, so he has to have a certain thing each and every day,” Henne said. “He comes in, he does his work. His notes are written out a certain way. Same pair of underwear, which not a lot of people probably know, on gameday. He’s been wearing it since I’ve been part of it.”

The topic of Mahomes’ underwear has strangely been one of the most chosen topics of conversation by those around the reigning regular season MVP, even his wife, Brittany Matthews gave details of which model her husband sweats and re-sweats every Sunday for six months in a row.

“I bought Patrick lucky game day underwear,” Matthews said. “Red underwear from Lululemon, and he’s worn them every game day.”

It would be unfair to say that if any of the people reading this article decide to wear that model of underwear, they will automatically have the talent of Patrick Mahomes, however, it’s also not crazy to think that Lululemon will increase its sales in the wake of these revelations. Beating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII is sure to have side effects.


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