Patrick Mahomes Reveals the One Thing Being From East Texas Has Taught Him, Which Has Got Him Two Super Bowls

Saturday night, the UT Tyler Cowan Center welcomed back one of their own, Patrick Mahomes, two times Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Mahomes came to his hometown in Texas. The QB captivated the audience with his stories from childhood and growing up in East Texas. Telling about his NFL career, but what stood out was his humility, grace, and sense of humor as he shared his journey with the crowd. He shared several insights about his time in the area and his emotional connection to the region.

Mahomes also told about how his faith and family played a vital role in his success. He made sure to give the audience a glimpse into the person behind the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. It was a memorable night that left a lasting impression on everyone.

Patrick Mahomes needs no introduction as to who he is. However, it’s intriguing to know the factors contributing to his success. Mahomes shared the lessons he learned from his parents and surroundings. He credited his success to the ethics instilled from his East Texas roots. Mahomes shared his thinking for East Texas.

As per Tyler Morning Telegraph, he said, “One thing I always learned about being from East Texas is hard work. As an East Texan, it’s in your blood; you go out there, you work hard every single day, and you go take what’s yours and you seize the opportunity. Those are the lessons that have stuck with me that I’ve taken to Kansas City with me to this day.”

He also mentioned Whataburger, his favorite post-game meal, which he used to enjoy during his school days. Mahomes also mentioned Adam Cook, his high school football coach. Cook allowed him to make calls at the line of scrimmage and play his own style.


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