Patrick Mahomes Survived Vicious Crime That Could’ve Ended His Incredible Career, Leaving Chiefs In Utter Shock

Star QB Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs was the victim of a violent crime that could have proved deadly for him. This took place in 2017, his rookie year at the Chiefs. He and three of his acquaintances were reportedly victims of an armed robbery attempt.

This happened in 2017 in Tyler, Texas, a month after Mahomes joined the Chiefs, in an apparently random incident. Mahomes and three other people were returning from a baseball game when the incident happened. The incident left his team shocked.

After the incident, the Chiefs released a statement expressing their relief that Mahomes and his friends did not get hurt in the exchange. Ted Crews, Chiefs VP of communications said, “We’re aware of the situation with Patrick, and we’re just thankful Patrick and everybody is safe.”

James Palmer of NFL Network said in a statement, on behalf of the Chiefs, “The team is thankful Patrick and everyone involved are safe because that’s what’s most important.”

The Chiefs also said, “These kids didn’t do anything wrong. They went to a baseball game and went home. This appears totally random.”


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