Patrick Mahomes Told Us What Morals He Wants To Pass Down To His Kids, And It’s Exactly What A GOAT Would Say

Patrick Mahomes Told Us What Morals He Wants To Pass Down

Right after his big win at Super Bowl LVII, Patrick Mahomes talked about the importance of family.
I am a true lover of football, to the point of being in at least four fantasy leagues every year. So, I have to say: That was one hell of a game to witness live!
Through all the hype, tackles, performances, and stats, my favorite storyline leading up to the Super Bowl was the one highlighting two Black quarterbacks — Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts — and their fathers, Patrick Mahomes Sr. and Averion Hurts.
So when BuzzFeed got a chance to ask Patrick about fatherhood and what lessons his dad passed down to him that he’d like to pass down to his kids, the answer was exactly what you would expect from a young GOAT.
“I think the biggest thing my dad instilled in me was first, to follow your dreams,” Mahomes answered in a press conference after the game. “He said ‘No matter what, how it looks, follow your dream and work your tail off and have no regrets on how you work to get to that dream.'”
“And second, ‘Just be a great man,'” Mahomes continued.
“Those two things, he always talked to me about was, ‘How can you follow your dream to get to achieve that dream?’ and ‘How can you be a great man while you do it?’ So that was something that was instilled in me at a young age by my dad, and it’s something I want to instill in my daughter and my son: ‘How can ya’ll be great people that make this Earth a better place whenever ya’ll leave it?'”


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