Patrick Mahomes Wife Brittany Mahomes Erases Mahomes Family Wounds Amidst Devastating Death Update

Brittany Mahomes is an avid social media user and gives fans a sneak peek into the Mahomes family world from time to time. This time, she used it to mask the pain that Patrick Mahomes and their family are going through. The QB’s wife tried to erase a family wound through an adorable video. This comes amid devastating death news in the family.

When Mahomes lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy in February, he would have looked forward to the fun offseason after grueling months of football. But instead, he and his family are going through a shocking loss. Brittany’s video works as a balm in these trying times.

Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram to share an adorable video of their daughter Sterling with the fans. She posted it through an Instagram story, showing Sterling enjoying a day out on a trampoline. What a way to spend a Saturday and keep the kids happy.

The video works as a soothing balm amid a devastating death in the family. Patrick Mahomes’ grandmother Debbie Bates passed away after weeks of fighting health issues. Randi Mahomes had earlier shared the news of her mother’s hospitalization with the fans. Now, the news of her demise came to light through her family and friends.


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