Patrick Mahomes’ wife ‘strips’ her husband naked at Super Bowl LVII: Reveals Chiefs QB’s underwear

Patrick Mahomes' wife 'strips' her husband naked at Super Bowl LVII: Reveals Chiefs QB's underwear

Brittany Matthews also complained about the problems of being Super Bowl LIV MVP’s wife.

Patrick Mahomes is a devoted man to his wife Brittany Matthews and after Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s divorce, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s marriage is probably the most famous in the entire NFL. However, something we didn’t know until the day of Super Bowl LVII is that the league’s reigning MVP has a lucky underwear.

This secret was revealed by Brittany who made it public knowledge that this is what Mahomes is wearing under his uniform, with a luxury of detail that draws powerful attention, but that is also part of the personality of the famous and enterprising woman.

What do Patrick Mahomes’ underwear look like?

“I bought Patrick lucky game day underwear,” Matthews said. “Red underwear from Lululemon, and he’s worn them every game day.”

Patrick Mahomes’ wife’s revelation wasn’t the only headline the Kansas City Current minority owner didn’t give away, as she complained about the difficulties of owning the heart of the NFL’s man of the hour.

“I had to change my phone number because people were texting me and harassing me and saying all these mean hateful things to me,” Matthews said. “It’s hard because I have feelings just like they do. When they say stuff like I am ugly and Patrick could do better than me, they have no earthly idea what they are saying.”

Patrick Mahomes’ marriage story

Mahomes and Matthews have been a couple since they were in high school together and have two children together, the quarterback proposed to her in a box at Arrowhead Stadium at the ceremony where the Texas Tech graduate was presented with a ring for winning Super Bowl LIV.

The Chiefs have won the AFC championship in three of the last four seasons and are looking to win the third Vince Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.


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