“Planning on Taking Your Car for a While”: Simone Biles Pissed Off Her Mother with a Hilarious Act

Despite her young age, Simone Biles has achieved heights that only a few can fathom. We can recall her doing incredible tricks on the vaults, but there’s more to her personality. She is not just the all-serious gymnast, whose only focus is winning titles and golds; much like us, she is a fun-loving, carefree young adult. As much as she is passionate about winning the contest, likewise, she is enthusiastic about enjoying life.

A social bee, the 25-year-old, time and again shares about her life with fans. While sometimes one can spot the diva Biles, sometimes you get to see a carefree Biles, but back in 2014, the fans got to see the ‘prankster Biles.’ Though, she had a good laugh, the same can not be said about her mother.

There is no doubt that our mommy dear is our best friend, and just like best friends do, pranking them sometimes is undeniably great fun. When she got the chance, Biles, too, did not hold back from pranking her mother, Nellie. Making the best use of her ‘trickster’ mind, the gymnast GOAT, dropped some unexpected news to her mother.

On the eve of April Fools’ day, Simone texted her mother, saying, “I just got a ticket. Please don’t be mad at me.” Simone may be an adult now, ready to get married, but when the said incident occurred, Simone was 17 years old.


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