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Pop Icon Taylor Swift Graciously Accepts $2 Million Engagement Ring from NFL Star Travis Kelce in Anticipation of Wedding Bliss

For now, both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s reps are denying any of that is true and they are even not responding to any question about it. Everybody remains tight-lipped, which could be a sign that something is afoot.

It’s probably been some of the most exciting months forthe new couple. A potential marriage proposal would definitely accelerate everything they may already have planned for 2024. When do you think Travis Kelce might propose to Taylor Swift?

Perhaps the most telling detail of the relationship is a report from Page Six, they allegedly spoke to a source close to the Chiefs player. According to them, he has already asked Taylor Swift’s father for his blessing and Scott has given it to him.

In fact, Kelce has already been talking to his closest friends about a potential ring for a proposal. No date on the potential proposal has come yet but it seems unlikely it will happen in the days we have left from 2023. Some of the reports also suggest that this ring might already be on Travis Kelce’s pocket and waiting for the right time to pop the question.

Finally, earlier on Friday, we had already mentioned that Taylor Swift has been spotted with a huge ring that may or may not be an engagement ring given to her by Travis Kelce. However, more detailed images show this ring was not on her engagement finger as she was showing it off to her friends during her 34th birthday celebrations.

There have been multiple rumors about a potential marriage proposal coming from Travis Kelce but none of that has been confirmed yet. In any normal adult relationship, marriage proposals usually come when the couple has been together for at least a couple of years. However, there are special cases in which both sides are convinced they want to spend their lives together firever.



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