“Praying for You and Your Family to Be Safe”: NFL World Prays for Patrick Mahomes’ Mother and Her Family After Latest Tweet

Natural calamities are something over which nobody has any control. Whenever a region is hit by such natural disasters, all anyone can do is offer prayers and hope that their loved ones are safe. After Tornado warnings were issued in several states all over the USA, NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes‘ mother Randi Mahomes tweeted about her feeling of being stuck in such a calamity. How has the reigning Super Bowl MVP’s mother been doing among “alarms”?

Among the many individuals sheltered in the comfort of their homes was the mother of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback, Randi Mahomes. She even took to Twitter to share her current updates.

Back in April 2022, the mother of Patrick Mahomes found herself in a much scarier situation. A year back, the National Weather Service put out a tornado warning in east Texas, and somehow Randi Mahomes got caught off guard along with her youngest daughter. Unfortunately, the two Mahomes tried their best to take shelter in a fast food joint, but to no avail.

Momma Mahomes tweeted, “BLESSED to be home. Mia & I just tried taking cover from a tornado warning at a fast food place who’s lights went out but no one would let us in. My hand is bruised from beating on the door and holding to the brick & my baby girl I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.”

Perhaps that experience played a part this year as well. NFL fans may or may not have known about the 2022 experience, but they were quick to offer prayers for her while wishing her safety in 2023.

The NFL world prayed for Randi Mahomes’ safety
Patrick Mahomes has been known for facing challenges head-on, and maybe this trait runs in the family. Randi Mahomes took to Twitter this morning, to confirm her safety amidst all the tornado warnings.

The update was much appreciated by not just the loyal Chiefs fans but NFL fans all over the globe, as many had some heartwarming responses directed at her. The theme of the fan reactions was mostly them urging her to stay safe and praying for the same.

One user wrote, “Praying for you and your family to be safe”

Other users urged safety and shed light on the weather situation in the cities from where they were tweeting. The updates from Houston, Fort Worth, Oklahoma, and Kansas City indicated that the poor weather was not clear yet.


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