Prince Charles risking monarchy’s future over being ‘too political’

Prince Charles


Prince Charles has been known to be less apolitical than the rest of his family .
Prince Charles was criticised for risking the future of the monarch as he is being “too political”. On talk show Loose Women, Carol McGiffin spoke over the Queen’s “generous donation” to help Ukraine while giving no opinion on the Russian invasion in a bid to remain politically neutral.



“That’s what’s so great about her,” she said. She noted that it was the Prince of Wales that could risk the monarch from crossing the fine line of being a political. “I think if the monarchy gets too political it becomes divisive.”

Prince Harry and William were unhappy over Charles' move to push Camilla as Queen


She added that the Queen seemingly is “protecting us from Charles” who has been alienating people through his “very vocal” stance on eco-awareness. “I’m not keen on him,” she said adding that he’s ‘very vocal’ over green issues. “He’s too political. Some of his causes, not everyone supports him.”


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