Prince Harry and Meghan’s fans react after animated series ‘attacking’ the Sussexes axed

Prince Harry and Meghan's fans react after animated series 'attacking' the Sussexes axed


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s fans have reacted to the announcement that network will not renew the royal family animated series ‘The Prince’.HBO announced they have not renewed The Prince for a second season. The animated series centred on the life of eight-year-old Prince George and his encounters with the rest of the royals. The satirical cartoon, that pokes fun at the Firm and portrays George as an entitled, spoilt child has been heavily criticised by royal commentators.



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Ryan-Mark Parsons previously accused the producers of going “too far”, branding the series as “repulsive” and “cringe-worthy”.The network has decided not to renew the series leaving many Sussex fans delighted the show has been axed, with one fan accused the show’s creator of profiting from attacking the Firm.



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Twitter user, MimiRoche, said: “Good!! Rejoice! Rejoice!”He made business from attacking and especially targeting Meghan.”That’s where he got his inspiration…”While Madam Duchess Brought the Sunshine added: “Good! It was a dud anyway.”The premise was supposed to make fun of Harry and Meghan, but their success pulled the rug from under it.”


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