Prince Harry has major plans to make himself ‘more popular than ever before’ – claim

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


PRINCE HARRY’s plans to make himself “more popular than ever before” have been exposed by a royal expert. Prince Harry, 37, has suffered a dip in popularity since exiting royal duties with wife, Meghan Markle, 40. A September YouGov poll showed positive opinions of the royal dropped from 43 percent to 34 percent.



But royal expert Neil Sean has claimed Harry hopes to make a popularity comeback following the release of his memoir later this year. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “Prince Harry has a plan which he believes will make him popular once again in fact, more popular than ever before.


Harry with meghan

“Part of the reason his popularity dipped recently is that he’s misunderstood, people don’t understand what he’s gone through. “I disagree totally because he’s never shut up quite frankly but he feels that this book will correct all of that because people will see the true inner self of Harry. “They’ll find out the real man and totally understand what he’s all about.”



His comments come as Prince Charles has been warned to “watch out” as his son, Harry will reveal “royal secrets” in his own tell-all memoir. Harry has promised to give an “accurate and wholly truthful” account of his life which will be released towards the end of 2022.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Home life during the break-up of Prince Charles and Dianas’s marriage, the period of Diana’s death and its aftermath, Harry’s relationship with Camilla and past girlfriends are likely to form part of the book which will be eagerly anticipated by readers. The Duke of Sussex stepped down from his royal duties in March 2020 with wife, Meghan Markle before moving to the US.



Us Weekly’s Entertainment Director Travis Cronin said: “Prince Harry is writing a tell-all book and it’s bound to reveal a lot of royal secrets that are further going to embarrass the Royal Family. “In this unexpected twist, Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir has sent shockwaves through the Royal Family and sources are telling us that they’re not happy.


Prince Harry and Wife

“The insider adds that they haven’t received a copy yet so they don’t know what to expect so it’s making them nervous.” Senior editor Sarah Hearon added: “Charles better watch out. I think if we’ve learnt anything from this press tour in these months, I think we’re going to get more tea.”


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