Prince Harry’s love for Meghan ‘clouded his judgement’, Queen Elizabeth thought

A very “mystified” Queen Elizabeth thought that her grandson Prince Harry’s love for Meghan Markle “clouded his judgement” as he was “so consumed” by it, a new book has claimed. When the couple started speaking out against the royal family, Queen Elizabeth thought that they were “quite mad”, royal correspondent Robert Jobson wrote in his book ‘Our King’.

Queen Elizabeth was “let down” not only because Prince Harry decided to step down from his royal duties but also because she saw the couple’s departure as “a missed opportunity”, the author claimed. Despite that, the late monarch continued to have “great affection” for Prince Harry and hoped he would “find peace and happiness”.

“In truth, by the time his grandmother died, Harry had precious few supporters left in the family. Even the Queen, who had always had great affection for him, ­eventually tired of his outbursts,” the book claimed.

First, she had wearied of the volatile exchanges between Harry and his brother, which sometimes took place in her ­presence. Then Harry and Meghan had started ­publicly criticising both the monarchy and members of the Royal Family. At that point, the Queen was frankly ­mystified by the couple’s behaviour, ­describing it as ‘quite mad’. She came to believe, however, that her grandson was ‘so consumed’ by his love for his wife that it was ‘clouding his judgment’,” it added.

Prince Harry told Oprah Winfrey in a bombshell interview in 2021 that his father had stopped taking his calls after he moved to the US.

“When we were in Canada, I had three conversations with my grandmother and two conversations with my father before he stopped taking my calls,” Prince Harry had said.



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