Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Marriage Is Still Sore Months After Cheating Allegations

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Several decades ago, the late Princess Diana discovered that her husband, Prince Charles was unfaithful to her. The affair was publicized and this put the princess in a bad place. People who knew what was happening at that time supported Princess Diana, and she eventually filed for a divorce. Throughout their divorce, the prince went out in public with his mistress, known as Camilla Parker Bowles and this hurt every member of the royal family, including the queen. His young sons were affected and eventually, Princess Diana died.



This pain and hurt were enough to put a rift between members of the royal family, but as time went on, things became better. To date, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowell are still married and living their best lives.



Why Kate Middleton and Prince William's Marriage Will Never Be .......

While fans thought that they had seen the last of it in the royal family, they were taken aback when news broke out that Prince William, Diana’a first son, was having an alleged affair. No one ever believed that history would somehow repeat itself in the royal family, but did it though? Did Prince William really have an affair?
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Why Kate Middleton and Prince William's Marriage Will Never Be .......

The British Tabloids have been known to spread hurtful rumors about members of the royal family for many years now. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in the process of slamming one of the publications with a lawsuit, but that does not mean they would stop doing what they do to appease the public.



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The alleged report that Prince William was having an affair, was shocking, but everyone wanted to know if it was true or not. According to the tabloids, Kate Middleton stopped talking to one of her very close friends because her husband was sleeping with the said friend.
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This news was no doubt hurtful for the members of the royal family but it did not look like it was the truth. Although the couple did not come out to say anything, fans were not convinced that it was true, but the damage had already been done to the family.



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Kate Middleton and Prince William have been through their fair share of ups and downs since they got married and started having children and somehow they still come back strong. However, royal fans are convinced that the couple’s marriage is shaky as they have not recovered from the infidelity allegations slammed against the prince.



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A video made it to the internet recently showing Kate Middleton and Prince William at a Christmas event. The prince placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder and she moved her shoulders till his hand dropped. Fans interpreted this to mean that the couple was not yet in a good place and the only reason for that would be the cheating allegations. While this is still an ongoing matter, other reports have confirmed that Kate Middleton is not a big fan of PDA and that there is nothing more to the video.

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