Queen Elizabeth ‘most influential’ royal – but Meghan Markle remains ‘most inspirational’

Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


MEGHAN MARKLE is one of the most prominent and talked about members of the Royal Family. But what makes her the most “inspirational” royal?.Meghan Markle was thrust into the spotlight as the girlfriend of Prince Harry in early 2017. By May 19, 2018, she had tied the knot with the Duke of Sussex in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. However, by January 2020 the Sussexes had stepped back as working members of the Royal Family.



According to lawyer and activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, Meghan remains still the “most inspirational” member of the Royal Family.Dr Shola spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Meghan Markle’s attributes that make her so inspirational.



What Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

She claimed: “I don’t think Meghan is a past royal. She’s still royal as she’s married to the Duke of Sussex who is the grandson of the Queen, so she is absolutely still royal.“Is she inspiring? I think so.“Let me break it down this way. I think some of Meghan’s inspiration comes from her and how she’s handled all this.



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“Clearly she got to a point where she was like: ‘Forget you all, I deserve better than this’.“But most so is the reaction she has been able to generate from people who would not normally talk about these things.“Black and brown women are standing together in solidarity with Meghan because the same things happen to us.

“It’s on a larger scale for Meghan because she’s got the global eye amplified to her.“But what they are doing to her is what they do to us too.”


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