‘Queen wants William to stop flying helicopters because Harry is next in line to the throne’

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Given that Prince Harry is next in line to the throne after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family, Queen’s order to Prince William to stop flying his family in helicopters might a wise move, said Richard Eden, Daily Mail Diary Editor.



He was commenting on a report headlined “Queen ‘has told William to stop flying his family in helicopters.”Retweeting Eden’s tweet, royal biographer Angela Levin said, “I wonder if the Queens thought about this. Action should be taken straight away. The thought of Harry or it would be Meghan taking the throne is…!”.


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According to Daily Mail, the Queen has reportedly urged Prince William to stop flying in helicopters as she is ‘terrified’ that an accident will occur that will jeopardise the line of succession.

The publication reported that the British monarch has had ‘several conversations’ with William in which she has asked him to ‘stop flying himself, particularly in bad weather’ to avoid the risk of a crash.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children split their time between Kensington Palace in London and Anmer Court in Norfolk, often flying the 115 miles between their two homes, the report added.


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