Queen’s intervention wrecks Harry’s bombshell book as Duke’s revelations now ‘irrelevant’

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PRINCE HARRY’S potential future royal bombshells have been rendered irrelevant, according to royal experts, after the Queen’s latest intervention. The impact of Prince Harry’s autobiography, set to be released later this year, has been dealt a blow by the Queen. Royal experts have hinted that Harry’s memoir would discuss his parent’s tumultuous marriage and potentially contain revelations that would wreck Duchess Camilla’s reputation.



However, the Queen appears to have “headed off any complications revealed in the book” by expressing her wish that Camilla becomes Queen consort when Prince Charles is made King.
The monarch ended years of uncertainty by declaring it was her “sincere wish” for the Duchess of Cornwall to be fully acknowledged when her son takes the throne.

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The Queen used the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee – marking 70 years on the throne – to make the announcement. Editor of the Daily Mail Diary, Richard Eden said that the Queen’s announcement also scuppered the impact of any royal revelations in Harry’s memoir. It was previously thought that the prospect of Harry revealing his thoughts on his stepmother in his forthcoming autobiography was a potential stumbling block to Camilla’s promotion.


However, Mr Eden said that the Queen’s intervention last Saturday rendered anything Harry could say as moot. MailPlus’ Palace Confidential host Jo Elvin said: “Do you think some of this move is pre-mediated to head off any complications revealed in that book?” Mr Eden responded: “Yes, any resistance to Camilla becoming queen has dissipated thanks to this announcement.



“Most people think if it’s good enough to the Queen, it’s good enough to me.
“Now with Harry, it doesn’t really matter. “In the book, there will be revelations, it’s all going to be about his feelings about his parent’s marriage and how that affected him, and it is going to drag it all up again. “But I think this announcement by the Queen means that it is kind of by the by, it won’t have any great impact.”


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Charles and Camilla were “touched and honoured” by the Queen’s gesture, according to Clarence House. The Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English said that Prince William was generally “supportive” of the promotion for Camilla. She said: “It’s a very difficult situation for him. It’s really conflicting because of everything that has gone on in the past.
“But he respects his grandmother’s and his father’s judgment and if that’s what they want to do, then he will accept and support that.”


Harry is still expected to return to the UK for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which will see the country enjoy a four-day bank holiday in June. It is not yet known if his wife Meghan Markle and their children Archie and Lilibet will be joining him.


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