“Same girl that supports the ban of innocent Russian & Belarusian athletes” – Tennis fans outraged by Iga Swiatek’s support for WTA’s return to China

Iga Swiatek’s remarks regarding the WTA tour’s decision to resume hosting events in China despite the unresolved issue of Peng Shuai’s disappearance have sparked outrage among tennis fans.

The WTA tour suspended events in China in December 2021 citing concerns for Shuai’s safety and well-being. However, the decision was overturned on April 13 without any progress in the investigation.

Another fan pointed out the Pole’s apparent lack of empathy and limited perspective on situations that did not affect her directly.

“Hmm. It’s giving….”I don’t care as it doesn’t affect me”. Maybe we need to stop asking her these questions because I don’t think she has the range. She’s a good tennis player let’s continue to ask about that!,” the fan tweeted.

Here are some more fan reactions to Swiatek’s comments on the WTA tour’s return to China:

“I don’t have any emotional influence bc i’ce never even been to china” is she kidding? lmao okay so you only care about the ukranian conflict bc it directly impacts you, got it

Iga Swiatek on WTA’s return to China & Peng Shuai: “I just trust that WTA is making right decision. I hope that we, as players, can be safe no matter what country we’re from. I don’t have any emotional influence bc I’ve never even been to China It’s hard for me to say anything”


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