Saw the Danger”: Patrick Mahomes Dad Once Felt His Son Was Playing With Fire Over This Firm Decision

During his high school days, Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes described himself as a “baseball player that was playing football.” Mahomes’ ridiculous arm strength has continually baffled the NFL ever since his early days in the league, but real fans know the secret. Up until a particular moment in his life, Mahomes was preparing for a career as a professional baseball player, but soon realized his calling to be in football.

Thriving under the tutelage of his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., Mahomes had put the entire MLB world on notice. Despite getting drafted by the Detroit Tigers, Mahomes continued his football career with Texas Tech University, while also initially opting to play baseball for the Red Raiders. Mahomes eventually decided to give a hundred percent of his focus to football, and perhaps Patrick Mahomes Sr. was the one who took this decision the hardest.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. has had a noteworthy career in the MLB. Playing for teams like the Minnesota Twins and the New York Mets, Mahomes Sr. put the ‘relief’ in a relief pitcher, making several playoff appearances during his illustrious career. But perhaps Mahomes Sr’s biggest asset was his eldest son, Patrick Mahomes II.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP spent his early years soaking in the MLB experience and learning the ins and outs of the craft. His father, like many others, hoped Mahomes to follow in his footsteps, but things probably worked out for the best.

Looking back on his son’s decision at the time, Patrick Mahomes Sr. had a rather observant take on the matter.

Speaking to FOX4’s Carey Wickersham, Mahomes Sr. said, “Yeah. I mean, it wasn’t that I was mad. I just saw the danger, you know, you can get hurt a lot easier, you know playing football, then you can playing baseball.”

Mahomes Sr. acknowledged his son is his own person but still believes that the decision was one he wouldn’t have made “I wasn’t mad you know, I always thought he’s gonna be a baseball player. But you know, in the end, the bottom line, you know what his decision is his career, and whatever he wants to do, he do. He does but you know, I wouldn’t have chosen.”


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