See How Meghan Markle Fans Slam UK Media For Hiding Prince William’s Affair

Prince Harry Was Reportedly Warned That Meghan Markle Would ‘Ruin [His] Life’


Prince William became Twitter trend in the United Kingdom after royal fans defended him against criticism from accounts supporting Meghan Markle. Meanwhile, Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden on Tuesday said Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s fans are trying to get him “cancelled” after his recent tweet was reported.



The journalist, while commenting on a report about a man who tried to break into a royal castle, tweeted, “I genuinely worry that Prince Harry and Meghan’s criticism of unnamed “racist” royals has increased the danger of attacks on the Royal Family. Security needs to be stepped up as a result.”


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Hours later, Eden shared a screenshot of an email he had received from Twitter which said it received complaints about his tweet and found that it was not subject to removal.He wrote, “Despite the best efforts of Prince Harry and Meghan’s fans to get me ‘cancelled’, I will continue to speak my mind on royal issues”.



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Several accounts accused the British media of hypocrisy for what they said hiding Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury and spreading rumors about Meghan Markle. In 2019, rumors were swirling that William had an affair with Hanbury. The gossip faded after William’s lawyers threatened media outlets with legal action, calling the claims “false and highly damaging.”


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