‘Shy’ Prince Harry’s slammed for ‘desperately feeding off Meghan Markle for…

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‘Shy’ Prince Harry’s slammed for ‘desperately feeding off Meghan Markle: report.Experts get candid about Prince Harry’s ‘out of place’ aura and apparent need to ‘feed off Meghan Markle’s confidence when faced with cameras in LA.Psychologist and body-language expert Darren Stanton made issued this analysis.



In his interview with Express UK, he claimed, “Footage of Harry and Meghan during their recent appearance at the NAACP awards makes for interesting viewing.””Harry was not looking like his normal, relaxed self. Instead, his face was flushed and he displayed odd body language while up on stage.”




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“Sometimes when people are anxious they will smile nervously or hold something, like a coffee cup. For reassurance. In this situation, Harry is gripping the award as a means of reassurance.””His facial muscles appear tense and he isn’t smiling. It suggests Harry was feeling uncomfortable but went ahead with the appearance in support of Meghan.”



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“If you notice the angle of Harry’s body in relation to Meghan’s, he pretty much has his posture turned to the left so he is facing her.””This demonstration is known as matching and mirror and signifies that he and Meghan have a great rapport, but in this context, it can mean so much more.”

Before concluding he claimed, “We already know that the couple have an incredible connection, but Harry’s body position here is almost an unconscious way of him feeding off of Meghan’s confidence on stage.”


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