Simone Biles discloses her honeymoon plans

Replying to the fan, Biles expressed, “Unfortunately, since we wanted it to be as intimate as possible we did not allow plus 1’s.” Continuing, she expressed, “I know this is so controversial but I’m always meeting people on a day to day basis & I love that & y’all but on my wedding day I didn’t want to meet any new people.”

Ahead of her destination wedding in May, Biles also lightly warned guests through her Instagram handle. In an earlier Instagram story, she shared an intriguing question a guest asked which was, “Can I bring a plus one?”

Responding to this question, Biles posted a video clip on her Instagram story. In this clip, the woman who is the bride firmly refuses by saying, “Absolutely not…why would you ask me that question”, later laughing loudly. The gymnast also posted five laughing emojis on her earlier Instagram story, tickled by this video clip from the Instagram handle ‘Theweddingcoordinators.’

It seems that Biles was giving a friendly warning to guests attending her destination wedding. Earlier, Biles had also shared exciting details about her destination wedding and honeymoon.

The star gymnast told fans on Instagram that she and Jonathan Owens were expecting 135-140 guests at the wedding. Further, she added that they were waiting for a few passports of the guests. Later, responding to a fan, she also said that the color scheme of the wedding will be champagne, gold, and white.


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