Simone Biles gives rare insight into her lavish lifestyle

Simone Biles is one of her generation’s most decorated gymnasts. Despite not being in the Olympics this year, she appears to be living the dream life. Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles took to Instagram to share a picture of herself out and about. The pic which appeared to have been taken in her parking lot showed the gymnast in a convertible vehicle.

Simone looked ready to step out for a day in the town. She looked comfortable in a white top, skinny blue jeans, and a grey shawl jacket that covered her entire body. The gymnast also styled her hair in a pixie cut which is becoming more of a characteristic look for her. She had minimal makeup but she still looked beautiful. She rounded her style up with a pair of glasses.

While Biles looked stunning, there’s no doubt that her convertible Range Rover Evoque stole the show. The gymnast referenced it, captioning the photo: “12/10 recommend having a convertible.” The vehicle isn’t a surprise, considering Biles’ huge net worth. Like all athletes, she’s entitled to having a pretty impressive portfolio of properties.

Hundreds of fans have shared their love in the comments section. Most either commented about the stunning vehicle or how beautiful Biles looked. Due to this conditioning, she could go days without even spending any money. Despite the impressive vehicle, Biles has gained a bit of a reputation for not showing off on social media. The gymnast is pretty down to earth by all accounts.


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