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Simone Biles’ NFL husband is told to ‘be more like Travis Kelce’ after saying he didn’t know who she was when they met and he’s ‘the catch’ in their marriage in comparison to the Chiefs star’s gushing praise of Taylor Swift

Fans have told Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens that he should sound more like Travis Kelce when talking about his partner.

Owens is married to US gymnast and four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles while.

But the 28-year-old safety recently said that he ‘didn’t know who [Biles] was’ when the couple started dating and that he was the ‘catch’ in their marriage.

Owens and Biles joined ‘The Pivot’ podcast when the safety said he had only been in Houston for a few months when the met after joining the Texans practice squad when he matched with Biles on the dating app Raya.

Literally had been on the app for a couple days man and it’s like she pops up and I’m like let me see who this is,’ said Owens. ‘She message me and this is like a Tuesday and we were texting back and forth and then we hung out Friday…’

She came through, she lived in the suburbs so she had to drive about 45 minutes to get to me, then the rest is history… I always say we the men that’s the catch man. I always say that.’

Owens’ comments came after co-host Channing Crowder asked ‘How in the hell did you pull Simone Biles,’ to which the five-year veteran responded, ‘It’s really how she pulled me.’

Those comments did not go down well with Biles’ fans online – who told her she ‘deserved better’ and Owens needed to be more like Kelce.

One wrote: ‘In a world of Jonathan Owens’ be a Travis Kelce.’

Another commented ‘Important life lesson: Get you a man that talks about you the way Travis Kelce speaks about Taylor Swift, not how Jonathan Owens spoke about Simone Biles. She deserves better.’



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