Simone Biles noticed something magical and shared it with her fans.

Usually, it is easy to assume a person’s age by their appearance. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving and assumptions can lead to mistaken judgments. Something similar happened on a flight with gymnastics queen, Simone Biles, last year. Due to her adorable stature and bubbly nature, Biles was once mistaken as a child on a flight, despite being 25 years old. While the incident can be added to Biles’ list of ‘peculiar things that happened on a flight’, if there is one, the gymnast now makes sure it doesn’t happen again.

Biles has been taking too many flights lately, sometimes to attend a friend’s wedding, other times it’s for something related to her own wedding. While not much has changed about her appearance in a year, the additional accessory on her finger, her massive engagement ring, is doing to perfect job of preventing history from repeating itself. But that isn’t the only thing that ring can do so what’s more?

Ever since her engagement on Valentine’s Day last year, Simone Biles’ ring has caught viewers’ attention in most of her social media updates. While in most cases, the ring made an appearance here and there, in some rare stories, it was the center of attention. Biles recently shared one such story. Herein, Biles noticed something magical and shared it with her fans.

While Biles was sitting on the window seat of her flight, the sun rays peaking from the window directly hit the big diamond on her ring. This resulted in a phenomenon that led to sparkles being visible above the gymnast’s hand. Amazed by the magical sight, Biles captured it in a video. Posting it in her story, she wrote, “my ring is making these sparkle.”


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